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User Group Attendance– Generating an ASP.NET Web API Middle Tier

This blog post is part of a series of posts that demonstrates building every aspect of a Windows 8 Store application, see the main index for more posts. INTRODUCTION Now that we have a database, we need a way to expose it to our new Windows Store Application. In this case, we will implement our [...]

User Group Attendance – The Data Tier

Windows 8 applications follow what is considered the normal pattern in Software Architecture.  In the words of Ted Neward it goes a little something like this: The first box indicating the UI tier, the second box being the logical middle tier and the cylinder of course being our data tier.  For our purposes, this application [...]

User Group Attendance App – Windows 8 Store App XAML/C# – Index

This is the master post that will keep track of  all blog posts related to the implementation of the User Group Attendance application built on Windows 8 using C# and XAML. The User Group Attendance application is an app that will make User Group leaders lives much easier.  Attendance tracking is very important to a [...]

CONDG Presentation Sample – Windows 8 Store Apps with XAML and C#

As promised, here is the sample code from my presentation at CONDG.  I will be following up this blog post with a series that will walk through the creation of this application.  Very sorry the tech gremlins were in full effect, but I am happy that I got to walk you through the code Feel [...]

Saying Goodbye, and Saying Hello

For the last 13 years I have been very fortunate to have worked in the IT Department of American Electric Power (AEP).  I am thankful that a panel of interviewers took the time to interview a young Canadian kid (less than a year out of school) for a contractor position doing web development.  When I started [...]

Slides and Code for @BanetSIG Presentation–An Entrée of ASP.NET MVC 3 with NuGet For Dessert

This is just a quick post to get the presentation materials out to you, I will follow up with some more detailed Posts   Install NuGet Package Manager in Visual Studio 2010 by accessing Tools –> Extension Manager  (Choose online and NuGet Package Management will be an option). Click install – you will need to [...]

Stepping down as CONDG President for 2010

I have had the honor of leading the Central Ohio .Net Developer’s Group as President for the past two years, and it’s been a wonderful and fulfilling experience!  I intend to remain a passionate member of this group, and will be there to help it grow, only it will be on my own schedule   [...]

Columbus GiveCamp 2009 – Recap

Another great event!  I always find it amazing that a group of about 40 developers, many of which have never worked together before, can get together over the course of a weekend and produce something that makes a real difference for non-profit organizations.  Major kudos goes out to each and every volunteer who came out [...]

Happy Contribupendence Day ! – July 3rd 2009

Contribupendence is the brain-child of Jeff Blankenburg. As he describes it  in his post from last year as: A day when we can contribute to our colleagues and friends to improve their online standing. A day when we take advantage of those features of social networks that we always put off until tomorrow. My entries [...]

WPF Data Templates Part 6 – Visualizing Data Differently – a Simple WPF Bar Graph

One of the main strengths of WPF is the ability to visualize ordinary data in a different way.  In this post, I’ll go over how we can represent the 5 star rating of our images defined in this post as a simple WPF bar graph.  Also demonstrated is the use of the Tooltip item in [...]

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