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January, 2007

Codemash Day 2

CodeMash absolutely ROCKS!  Each session I attended was excellent.  This conference has experienced, down-to-earth speakers.  I am very impressed.  The keynote sessions were thought provoking and entertaining, the burning man in the desert thing was too cool.  The people at the sponsor booths don’t hunt you down either, you approach them, and they take a [...]


Day 1 at CodeMash

The drive to the Kalahari was pretty much uneventful, except for a little side-road detour the GPS sent us through in Ashland, but all-in all it wasn’t too bad, and we did get here just as timely.  Heck, we wouldn’t have seen that nice house with the awesome lawn and the flagpole had we not [...]


Getting Cell Text from a hidden GridView Column

I hit an issue today while working with the GridView control. I have a column that contains the Wilco RowSelectorField checkbox control, and I needed to collect each checked grid view row upon a button-click event.  The problem was that the primary key id value of the row that I needed to perform a database operation [...]