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July, 2008

Ann Arbor Give Camp – Columbus Mirror (July 12th and 13th)

  The Ann Arbor Give Camp is a coding for charity event organized by Jennifer Marsman, Patrick Steele, John Hopkins, Todd Bohlen, Bill Wagner, and Kristina Jones.  Essentially it’s an event that allows software developers and designers to join forces to develop software and websites for charitable organizations.  In all 15 charities were helped. The [...]


Happy Contribupendence Day!

This blog post is in response to Contribupendence Day as created by Jeff Blankenburg at Microsoft.  The idea behind Contribupendence day is to acknowledge 5 people you know that are respected, appreciated and talented and provide them with internet recommendations.  I chose LinkedIn as my social network conduit (only joining it last night).  The 5 [...]