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Slides and Code for @BanetSIG Presentation–An Entrée of ASP.NET MVC 3 with NuGet For Dessert

This is just a quick post to get the presentation materials out to you, I will follow up with some more detailed Posts


Install NuGet Package Manager in Visual Studio 2010 by accessing Tools –> Extension Manager  (Choose online and NuGet Package Management will be an option). Click install – you will need to restart Visual Studio 2010.

Open Package Manager Console in Visual Studio by accessing Tools –> Library Package Manager –> Package Manager Console

Quick Reference (command in double quotes – do not use the double quotes in package manager they are used here for readability)

“get-package”  Lists all packages currently installed in the current project

“get-package –remote” Lists all packages currently available in the selected feed

“install-package <packagenamehere>” – installs the package to the current project

“uninstall-package <packagenamehere>” uninstalls the package from the current project

To play with the packages demonstrated at the presentation – you will need to install the Packages MvcScaffolding and EFCodeFirst.SqlServerCompact


Get NuGet Server Code and Command Line Utility (add to you path) here: 


Telerik MVC Controls available here:

and source code here:


I will follow up with more information on the content that was presented soon, but this should give you a start wlEmoticon-smile_2  Feel free to contact me anytime!




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