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CONDG Presentation Sample – Windows 8 Store Apps with XAML and C#

As promised, here is the sample code from my presentation at CONDG.  I will be following up this blog post with a series that will walk through the creation of this application.  Very sorry the tech gremlins were in full effect, but I am happy that I got to walk you through the code :)

Feel free to reach out to me anytime!

Prerequisites –

The ReportLibrary project is included in the solution, and it requires Telerik Reporting.  This project is not required to run the Windows 8 Store Application – it can be removed from the solution if you need to.

The UserGroupAttendanceServer requires the Telerik OpenAccess ORM to be installed.  This product is free to download and gives you the ability to generate your ASP.NET Web API services. This project must be running in order for you to run the Windows 8 Store Application.  Start it up by right clicking the project and selecting “View In Browser”.

The data is a SQL Express 2012 database, it is located in the Data folder of the Zip file.

Download Sample Code

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