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User Group Attendance App – Windows 8 Store App XAML/C# – Index

This is the master post that will keep track of  all blog posts related to the implementation of the User Group Attendance application built on Windows 8 using C# and XAML.

The User Group Attendance application is an app that will make User Group leaders lives much easier.  Attendance tracking is very important to a user group.  Potential sponsors would be interested in the number of people in attendance.  There is also the fact that many user groups have elections and require members to be present for a certain number of meetings in the year.  Sifting through evaluation forms for members is not ideal. There is a much simpler way to track members and their attendance, and that is through the use of Windows 8 :)

The Data Tier

Generating an ASP.NET Web API Middle Tier


Stay Tuned for More ….

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