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Central Ohio Day of .Net (CODODN) – Call for Speakers Open

The time has come again! It’s time to submit your abstracts for consideration for the Central Ohio Day of .Net. The event will take place on Saturday April 18th 2009 and will once again be held at the Roberts Centre in Wilmington Ohio. This year we want to try for a little more diversity in [...]

WPF Data Templates Part 5 – Editing data in a Data Template and Switching a template on a Single item programmatically

The beauty of WPF is that it contains the ability to provide the user enhanced usability along with enhanced user experience.  Too often today, you see applications that sport “admin” functions, which are functions for things like maintaining values that should be displayed in a list box, or data that is used to associate two [...]

Goals for 2009

I was tagged by Sarah Dutkiewicz in her blog post Coding Geekette’s Goals for 2009.  So here we go, my goals are [in no particular order]: Become a better blogger I tend to let my blog go by the wayside when I get caught up in preparing for presentations, events, work and life in general.  [...]

New year, new blog, CodeMash and MDC

2009 has already been a very exciting year.  I opened up twitter on the morning of Jan 1st to see many of my friends receiving a Microsoft MVP award, how exciting!  I knew I was nominated so I thought I’d check too, nothing there, ah well, better luck next time.  I had then moved on [...]

WPF Data Templates Part 4 – Template Selectors

*Note – Class Definition and sample data used in this example are provided in this previous blog post. Template Selectors allow you to switch the Data Template used on an item being bound based on some logic.  For instance, in a banking application, you may wish an account that has a negative balance to be [...]

WPF Data Templates Part 3 – Switching Data Templates at Runtime

*Note – Class Definition and sample data used in this example are provided in this previous blog post. It’s a known fact that users like to have options.  Sometimes one user is more familiar with the data being displayed than another, and would to see only a summary of the data. New users of the [...]

WPF Data Templates Part 2 – Value Converters

Sometimes the value you want to display needs to be transformed from the original data before being bound to a XAML element. For instance, formatting a telephone number, or adding brackets to a negative balance on an account.  To accomplish this task a Value Converter is used.  A Value Converter is simply a class that [...]

WPF Data Templates Part 1 – Introduction to WPF Data Templates

Look Ma!  WPF can look like Windows Forms too! WPF contains many similar controls that you will find in your Windows Forms toolbox.  If you really wanted your app to look and feel like Windows Forms, it is quite possible… but why?  There are other tools and techniques to provide users (and developers for that [...]

Defining your Objects with XAML in Resources to enhance your Design Time Experience

XAML is an extremely powerful markup tool.  A less known fact is that it is possible to instantiate instances of your classes directly in markup.  This is useful in more than one way it allows you to define sample data for use in your application without reliance on external data sources. it gives you a [...]

MSDN Developer’s Conference Announced

There’s another conference that will allow you to benefit from some of the content that is being presented at PDC.  So if you missed out on PDC you won’t want to miss out on this.  The conference will be hosted in 12 cities across the U.S. between December ’08 and February ’09.  The URL for [...]

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